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Stow It-Old Fishing Line

We’re Doing It!

It started in Florida and is now being done in Guntersville–using tennis ball cans to capture and recycle discarded fishing line–explained in the article below.  PALS has partnered with the Marshall County Convention and Visitors Bureau to get these containers in the hands of tournament fishermen on Lake Guntersville. 

Breaking News-- We have implemented the “Stow It” project in Marshall County and it’s catching on like a brush fire.

This photo is of biology major Sean Russell at the University of Florida in Gainesville . It taken from the website of the Stow It-Don’t Throw It Project, which grew out of youth group interests and concerns.
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biology major Sean Russell at the University of Florida in Gainesville

But the most interesting part of this story to us is Sean’s container in the above images, regarding which he said:“We’ve assembled 3,600 of these cans, at $1 a piece.  The young volunteers hand out the recycled cans at fishing clinics, summer camps, and state parks in Sarasota County.  Seventeen other Florida counties now offer the program.” 

About these cans :

Jeannine says this:  “Handing out the tennis ball containers allows each fisherman to put his tangled line immediately into the container; upon returning to shore, the fisherman/woman puts that line into the Monofilament Recycler, or if there isn’t one at the dock, they can be enlightened as to where it can be left….something to think about.”