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Freddy the Frog is a central character in PALS’
anti-litter education programs in the
elementary schools.  As you can see, he has a way with children.  Freddy also shows up at community festivals and other events throughout the county where PALS has a presence to promote recycling and other anti-litter behavior
and distribute various types of literature to inform and raise awareness about litter problems and proposed solutions. 

Would You Like To See Freddy At Your School ?

If you would like to have Freddy
attend your school event as an ANTI-LITTER ADVOCATE, call the PALS office and speak with Cecilia about his availability
Freddy, exhausted and resting in a pile on the table–but standing tall on his
Litter-Free Promise
at the July 28, 2011 Marshall County Summer Academy staged at Albertville High School.
Freddy The Frog has these Safety Tips for picking up litter

  • Wear bright colored clothes to maximize your visibility to motorists
  • Wear long pants and long sleeved shirts for protection against weeds,brush,insects,etc.
  • Be sensible about handling unusual material
  • Wear safe shoes – hard soles and high tops help protect against sharp objects and other hazards
  • Beware of sharp objects (glass, metal, etc.)
  • Use sunscreen/sunhat and insect repellent according to your personal skin protection needs
  • Wear sturdy work gloves
  • Get help handling heavy objects
  • Work facing traffic
  • Work in pairs or groups
  • Watch , listen, BE ALERT