424 Blount Avenue, Box G-17 Guntersville, AL 35976

Courthouse Grounds Clean-Up-2015

Courthouse Grounds Clean-Up – Saturday, October 3, 2015

Sponsored by Marshall County PALS

Guntersville troop #10098 (Above)

Leader:  Nicole Smith (Center)
Parent Volunteers:  Julie Yarbrough (L),
 Clara Guinn and Melissa Mason (R)
Girl Scouts (L to R): Ella Beth Sampson,
Katelyn Collins, Julie Smith, Brylee Mason and Elle Yarbrough

The Rest of the Group

Left: Cecilia Pullen, Executive Director, MC PALS
Back center:  Micky Hunt, President, MC PALS
R: Jeff McLaughlin, Chairman of the Board, MC    PALS; Mary McClendon, Adopt-A-Mile Chair
Not in photo:  Jean McCrady, Jeannine Wilder, and Talmadge Butler.

PALS has Arrived!

Would you Believe? – All these volunteers arrived – in the rain – to pick up litter on the Courthouse grounds and – GET THIS! – there was NO LITTER, with the exception of the ever-present cigarette butts (see pics below).  We’re still seeking an explanation.  Did someone precede us with a pick-up?  Is this an early Trick or Treat stunt on PALS (it would qualify as a treat)?  Have we achieved our mission of eliminating litter, at least in this place?
Whatever the reason, it was a happy discovery, and worth getting wet for.
PLEASE SMOKERS, do your part in completing this picture and use the receptacles provided for stowing your butts rather than tossing them on the ground.  Surely, not too much to ask.

These pics were taken (by Nicole Smith) at the front door entrance to the Drivers License building.  Shameful!! to say the least.

This is how that same parking lot looked after the 1-hour Pick-up Party in the rain.

Thanks to ALL who helped!

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